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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Autumn Crystal Magic

"In November
Marble grey skies
Marble shadows fly
Pale beauty shimmer
The skin of elfin pride
Pale skin of elfin shines"
- Leaves' Eyes

I've been very much missing Autumns charms and temperatures. It's beginning to become very hot here and it's only the middle of June. Midsummer hasn't even arrived yet and we have had days hitting 90 degree Fahrenheit. I miss the cooler weather with all of my soul. There is so much more to do and so much character. I hope the rest of this summer will not be to harsh. 
Here is a photo-set I did a little while back. Lookbook wouldn't let me post it since they are mainly head shots. Oh well, here they are now. Details posted below. 

Hooded Shrug by Phantomlovely, Jewelry by Naturae Design
I took every photo you see here.
Photos taken with Canon 6D 50mm lens.

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