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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Skinny & Healthy Tea Tox!


As most people know,Teatoxes have been a really big trend lately. I know a number of people who swear by them as well. I've always been skeptical or not interested with most trends. The detoxing treads I didn't give much thought to until they decided to throw tea in the mix! I'm sure you may not know this about myself but I'm a huge tea geek. I have so many different flavors and I love trying new ways of steeping and the like. It's definitely an art in my opinion, and a very delicious art at that. 

So when I learned about detoxing with tea I had to learn more about the exciting news.
I spent a lot of time looking into the different kinds of teatoxes that were out there. The one that piqued my interest the most was Skinny Teatox located in Canada. 

So being insanely happy with this company I found, I still didn't let my skepticism completely dissipate. Of course I had to look up what exactly is in these teatoxes, specifically this one what would give me all of these benefits they claim to give such as:
~Lose weight
~Burn calories
~Boost metabolism
~Suppress appetite
~Increase energy levels

My findings explained it all after doing a little research and no doubt would this tea give you all of these benefits with its wisely chosen ingredients. Many of the ingredients you may already know of, but I did the honor of looking up the benefits to some of the more ambiguous herbs thrown in there as well as the more familiar ones for your benefit.

There are a lot of herbs thrown in there for healthy digestion, weight loss, and energy boosts, that are definitely familiar to most such as:

~Rhubarb - Super yummy and high in fiber!

~Ginger - A big energy booster as well as aiding your digestive system.
~Ginseng - Promotes a healthy digestion, and aides in weight loss.
~Orange Peel - Used for anti cholesterol as well as aiding in digestive and respiratory issues. Also super yummy!
~Cloves - This yummy ingredient helps improve digestion!
~Cinnamon - Another delicious ingredient that is a great antioxidant!
~Chrysanthemum - I've had Chrysanthemum tea before and it tastes so good! It's high in Vitamin C, aides in digestion, helps to detox the liver and helps to rejuvenate the brain for better mental energy. Definitely a power ingredient in this mix!

Now to cover some of the more ambiguous looking ingredients, I will make them more familiar to you.

~ Malva Verticilliata also known as Chinese Mallow which is used a lot as an anti-inflammatory for skin. It's also used traditionally as a medicine to fight cancer. Absolutely safe and great for your complexion. It's also used for weight loss.

~Senna Leaf aides in weight loss and relieves constipation. 
~Cascara Sagrada also know as Bitter Bark or Sacred Bark, is used as a laxative to flush out toxin build-up.
~Uva Ursi  is used to loose weight, treat urinary tract infections, promote healthy digestive tract and it's anti inflammatory.

This tea looks absolutely promising! The only thing one would need to be aware of is to stay very hydrated during this detox (or any detox really). While detoxes flush out all of the toxins and garbage from you, you loose a lot of water in doing so, so it's important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day while doing this. Tea counts as water too! *wink*

I hope this entry is found useful to anyone who was looking into Skinny Teatox and I also hope this shows how awesome the teatox is. I will definitely be looking forward to giving it a go and of course doing a review on my findings.

Have you ever been on a detox, or a teatox before? What were your experiences?

Photos taken from and taken by myself with my Canon 6D.

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