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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Uninspired by this heavy winter...

The feeling of not being inspired can really be a burden and quite depressing for the most part. Lately that is how I've been feeling unfortunately. These merciless winter days are determined to make the days full of gloom until spring is finally here so it seems. Luckily, there is only one more day of winter and tomorrow I can wake up and start hoping for spring weather. It's so fascinating how the weather can take such a heavy hit on one's moods and emotions. This winter seems to have had a monstrous effect on a lot of people around me since it has been a very brutal winter. It's hit new records for cold temperatures and we have had so much snow, I can't imagine that not making a new record for my area. I have a lot of hope in my heart and mind that once I start seeing little bud bursting through the defrosting ground and green start to fill the land that my inspiration will come back and I won't feel like I'm battling something that should come more naturally. For now, here are some photos that keep my spirits high that maybe can lift yours if you can relate to how I've been feeling.

All photos are unedited and taken with a Canon Rebel XTi.

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