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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Melancholic Winter Woes

Wow, I finally made a blog. I've been eager to do this for quite some time now but for some reason the idea always intimidated me. Of course, that caused me to talk myself out of it every time I was about to start one. But here I am now eager to talk about anything and everything.
It's been so cold lately and mother earth has been cruel to tease me. I'm surrounded by over a foot of snow, maybe two feet, and yet I see red breasted robins all over. A sign that spring is soon to come. I'm yearning for the warmth of spring and the life of the earth to soon bloom and grow. I found a few snapshots I took a few years ago of flowers that I never touched. As a result, I finally touched them to depict my yearning for spring but the effect of the gloom of late winter.

I hope you enjoyed your first glimpse inside my current melancholy mindset. Do not fear, there will be more cheerful photos to come as the weather warms up. Until then, I'll be sulking over these photos with a nice, tall glass of Pinot Noir.

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